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New Zealand reports 24 new community cases amid Omicron alerts******

New Zealand recorded 24 new community cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, said the Ministry of Health in a statement.。

Among the 24 new community infections, 16 are in the largest city Auckland, five in the Lakes region, two in Northland and one in Waikato.。

In addition, the country recorded 47 new imported cases of COVID-19 at the border, said the Ministry.。

Nine COVID-19 cases reported on Saturday in the Nelson/Tasman region have been confirmed as with the Omicron variant. A further case from the same household involved was confirmed late Saturday. These cases were in a single-family who flew to Auckland earlier this month attending several big events. This cluster has already led to an additional infection of a fully vaccinated Air New Zealand flight attendant, said the Ministry.。

Director-General of Health from the Ministry of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, said that the risk of transmission by the confirmed Omicron cases is considered high. The source of the infection is not known yet.。

New Zealand will move to Red Light settings from 11:59 pm Sunday, announced Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern earlier on Sunday, in an effort to prevent the Omicron infections from spreading quickly in the community.。

According to the Red Light settings under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, gatherings will be limited to 100 people in places where COVID-19 vaccine passports are used. Face covering will be mandatory in many indoor spaces such as public transport, public venues and retail shops.。

There are currently eight COVID-19 patients being treated in New Zealand hospitals, with none in the intensive care unit.。

The country has recorded 15,175 cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, including 11,490 cases from the latest Delta variant outbreak in the community.。

Ardern urged the public to take a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible and to get tested if they have any symptoms of infection.。

Ninety-three percent of the eligible people in New Zealand are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19.。

确定了!索尼A7M4发布在即将升级3300万像素和4K 60P******

    索尼已经官方公布将在10月21日晚上10点发布A7M4全画幅微单相机(A7IV、Alpha7 IV),让推出已有三年并未索尼全画幅微单版图攻下不少江山的A7III退下火线,由功能更强的A7M4正式接棒。

    传闻指A7M4会用上新研发的3300万像素全画幅CMOS感光元件,最高支持4K 60p影片拍摄,拥有可以媲美佳能EOS R5、EOS R6的鸟类眼部自动对焦及动物眼部自动对焦,至于连拍方面,A7M4似乎没有太多惊喜,依然维持10fps连拍。另一方面,有指A7M4还会加强视频拍摄时的操控,首先机身防抖拥有媲美手持稳定器的稳定性,也加强对拍vlog的支持,而索尼应该会改用侧反式翻转屏。


以下为 A7 IV 最新流传的主要规格:

.BIONZ X影像处理器
.4K 30p视频为7K超采样
.4K 60p视频为4.8K超采样
.内置4:2:2 10-bit格式
.双SD及CFexpress Type A卡插槽设计
.5GHz Wi-Fi
.A7S III菜单界面

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Manchester City cruise to win while neighbors United sack Solskjaer******

LONDON, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- Manchester City claimed an easy win at home to Everton on Sunday to keep in the race for the Premier League title along with Chelsea and Liverpool.。

Although Pep Guardiola's side lost Kevin de Bruyne to Covid-19 in the days before the game, they were clear winners on Sunday, opening the scoring in the 44th minute through Raheem Sterling, who beat Jorden Pickford after a magnificent defense-splitting pass from Joao Cancelo.。

Rodri doubled City's lead with a thundering shot in the 55th minute and Bernardo Silva added a third from close range four minutes from time.。

Tottenham beat Leeds United 2-1 in Antonio Conte's home debut in the Premier League thanks to goals from Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Sergio Reguilon, whose second-half strikes overturned Daniel James's 44th-minute opener for Leeds which had threatened to make things difficult for the home side.。

On Saturday Chelsea win 3-0 away to Leicester City to ensure they remain top of the league, while Liverpool demolished Arsenal 4-0 to stay second and West Ham were beaten 1-0 away to Wolves.。

Meanwhile Manchester United's 4-1 defeat to Watford led to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being sacked as first-team coach on Sunday lunchtime with former player Michael Carrick taking over on a short-term basis. Enditem。

“双十一”深更半夜付尾款早晨就收到货 网友:快递公司是提早埋伏好的吗?******







  交了尾款接到快递你觉得就结束了吗?你踏过的较大 招数是分两波付款。11月1-3日是第一波,11月11日为第二波。尾款大家,双十一才刚开局,摸下钱夹,还能再次作战吗?(文/田媛)。


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